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Advancing Media Filter


Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

Operating Type
Manual or Automatic Models, Automatic Media Belt Advance Automatic Discharge Pumpr

Media Width
15 Inches (38 cm)

Filtration Rate
8 Gallons Per Minute (30 Liters Per Minute) Also Available 14 Gallons (50 Liters) Per Minute Model

Tank Capacity
Typical – 20 Gallons/76 Liters And other capacities to meet your needs

Electrical Requirement
230 Volts/3 Phase/60 Hz Standard (110 Volts also available on request)

Typical Floor Space
39×17 Inches (100×40 cm) May vary depending on your tank capacity


  • Fast Payback/ROI
  • Fast Installation, Easy, Reliable Operation And Cleaning
  • Automatic Shut-Offs
  • Baked Enamel Or Stainless Steel Options For High Corrosion Resistance
  • Distribution Strainer
  • Dual Probe Controls For Automatic Belt Advance And Discharge Pump Operation
  • Sludge Collection Tray
  • Gear Driven Conveyor Transfer Adjustable Media Belt Tension
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


The Draygon AMF Advancing Media Filter is perfect for waste streams from these applications and more:

  • Parts Washing
  • Printing Inks/Dyes
  • Vehicle Washes
  • Photo Processing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Finishing/Plating
  • Floor Scrubbing Water
  • Marina Bilge Water
  • Air Condensation
  • Ceramic Coating Wastes
  • Compressor Condensate
  • Degreasing Operations
  • Screw Machine Shops
  • Truck/ Car Washes
  • Coolants
  • Most Aqueous Waste Streams

How It Works

The AMF is a flat bed coolant filer, using nonwoven fabric for eliminating magnetic and nonmagnetic particles from neat oil and emulsion.

  1. The dirty coolant falls into the distribution trough (A) and from here onto the filter fabric (B) which retains solid pollutant particles (dust and swarfs) while the filtered oil passes through it.
  2. The fabric collects progressively the pollutant, until losing its filtering capacity. At this stage the liquid collects on the through and lifts the float (C) and starts an automatic system, which advances the collection tray to change the exhausted fabric with the new one.
  3. Exhausted fabric (D) is collected in a dedicated tank. The clean liquid is collected the tank below (E), in order to be pumped back to the machine tool.